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Martin Johnson (UC-Riverside Department of Political Science, Survey Research Center) investigates linkages between citizens and government officials, the policy relevance of individual and collective opinion, and how social environments and other sources of information shape public opinion. Much of this research involves the relationship between individuals and their environments, placing political actors in context. Johnson has also applied cognitive methods, including response latency data, to political research questions.

Curt Burgess (UC-Riverside Department of Psychology; Psycholinguistics and Computational Cognition Lab) has developed a tool for the study of the meanings that apply to words and concepts, called the Hyperspace Analog to Language memory model, or HAL. This computational approach analyzes language samples (in the form of text) and learns relationships among concepts presumably much like a human language user. Burgess has used HAL to study a variety of research questions in cognitive psychology: proper name semantics, ambiguity in communication, brain function and memory, word recognition, language comprehension, and dolphin communication. The importance of HAL to this initiative is that it is an approach that learns meaning via a model of memory and offers a theory-driven definition to how context forms meaning.

Shaun Bowler Shaun Bowler (UC-Riverside Department of Political Science) sudies representation, comparative electoral systems, voting behavior, and political marketing. Much of his work examines the relationship between institutional arrangements and voter choice in a variety of settings, including direct democracy.
  Graduate Students
Chad Murphy (UC-Riverside Department of Political Science) investigates political persuasion and rhetoric. He has studied the presentation of arguments in initiative campaigns, inclusive language in presidential addresses, and the framing of social programs in the American states.
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